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Engaging online learning

Is your training “online” but stuck in the 1980s? No engagement with your participants? No way to know if they viewed the whole course? Does your system match your provider's brand not yours? What about testing and reporting? Do you even have it? Do you have to do everything yourself even though you spent a fortune on software subscriptions?


What if there was an interactive training platform developed by people with decades of experience engaging audiences and increasing brand loyalty and awareness that solved all of those problems and those people were just a phone call away not just at launch but forever?


ETT is that team and ETT Learn is the platform! We are the leaders in custom interactive training solutions. 

Some of the features include:

ETT Learn  is customized to match your brand and design language not ours.


Your ETT Learn homepage looks like an extension of your brand.


All set up by the friendly ETT Team

Trainingworks Homepage
Trainingworks Registration

If you are looking to monetize all or some of your courses ETT Learn can integrate with Stripe,, and PayPal to collect payments from your learners. 

Trainingworks Course Page

ETT Learn is designed to get your team engaged with your content right away.

ETT Learn integrates with Google, Microsoft and others for SSO. In addition we can register all of your learners through submittal of a simple CSV file, or a detailed registration form. It is your choice!

Traningworks Payments

The main hub of interaction for your users is your course page.  The courses or modules are displayed in an easy to navigate grid form that matches your brand. The course page can also have a video welcoming your users.

The grid can be customized to show descriptions, course photos, or instructor photos.

Each course page is designed for maximum engagement. You can upload a video, produce content through Studio ETT, we can also integrate Zoom, Teams, Meet, and Amazon Chime for you to host live sessions that go on demand as soon as the live program ends. 

In addition handouts can be made available for your learners to download. If your course instructors want to have office hours we have the ability for users and instructors to chat face to face. Users can also leave comments on lessons for further interaction.

Trainingworks Course Page
Trainingworks Course Page

ETT Learn has the ability to have testing built into the content. Automatic certificates can be issued for learners who answer the questions correctly. 

Also through Studio ETT we can produce choose your own adventure style videos where a learner can make choices while viewing the content that dictates what content they are shown next. 

User forums allow the users and instructors to connect and interact to drive engagement and build a community around your brand. 

Trainingworks Forums
Traningworks User Profile

Uploading content to ETT Learn is as simple as filling out a form. 

If you have any issues or need support our friendly team is just a call away!

User pages allow connection. Users can upload information about themselves to help facilitate connections with other users. 

Trainingworks Upload

Beyond industry leading technology we put the customer first 

We are fast! We can have your LMS

ready to go within a week!

ETT Learn is 100% Done for you. No code, no dragging and dropping. 

Our USA based team is available to you 24/7!

You will have a dedicated account manager to insure your programs success.

Your users will have access to phone or email support at all times.

You don't have to take our word for it! ETT Learn is award winning


Seeing is believing schedule a demo today!

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