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Private Metaverse

Over the course of the last few years, we’ve all gotten far more comfortable leveraging technology to close geographical gaps.


Zoom meetings are the norm, conferences are hybrid, and businesses are leveraging the power of social media and widely available platforms better than they ever have. 

The idea of the metaverse, that is, an immersive shared virtual reality is the logical next step, and the infrastructure and technology is growing with the evident need.

The metaverse is, by design, decentralized. No one owns the metaverse – the same way no one owns the internet.


Because of the decentralized nature, the ability to shop, game, socialize, learn, and do business in the metaverse is therefore not codified by a single set of rules, or standards.

By creating a private metaverse that is completely outside of the public space and metaverse zeitgeist, you’re essentially creating a hidden bubble for interactions.


This bubble, or private metaverse, could contain immense virtual spaces and allow for pre-defined users to interact.

We are using the private metaverse to make meaningful impacts across the L & D industry. All from your trusted partner ETT. 

We are excited to share the private metaverse soon but in the meantime sign up below for more information and a sneak peak at this exciting new technology. 

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